Wednesday 7/9/14 Questions


Choose one question, and post a 50-70 word answer by Monday, 7/14/14. Be sure to include your name and color group, so I can give you credit!

1) How does the media affect teen girls’ body image? Provide at least one example.

2) Why/how is sexism a social justice issue?

3) If you could change one male gender role and one female gender role, what would you change and why (some of you in blue/green may already be thinking about this question)?

Jasmine Muhammad - Green

Sexism is a large component of social justice, giving that the separation o the rights and privileges of men and women are divided based on this principle. Sexism plays a role in society’s vision of what men and women are supposed to think and do because if it isn’t dome by society’s set standard of way, then it is critiqued under a sexist perspective, which is looked upon as okay, because men create a large portion of this since they rule most of the audacity forced out by such anyway. Sexist views helps to undermine the goals that Social Justice attempt to accomplish, defeating it’s purpose by going agents the very grain of foundation of the topic - equal rights. Sexism devotes a high amount of energy to this, thus the theory of Social Justice is hindered. The big problem of sexism is that to some, it can’t be as easily identified as racism or discrimination. So a person could just be a having a conversation with someone else and the person would say something of a sexist nature and it wouldn’t be recognized and the other would just be offended and not know why. In the end, it’s a larger problem than we think.